Dangerous Precedent

Andy Borowitz in The New Yorker pretty much nails what I think most Americans feel about this past election and getting it right. It’s too bad it has to be considered satire.

Calling for an immediate end” to the recount in Florida, Donald J. Trump warned on Monday that it could set a dangerous precedent of the person with the most votes winning.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said that those in favor of the recount had a sick obsession with finding out which candidate got the most votes.”

Democrats are going on and on about counting every last vote until they find out who got the most,” Trump said. Since when does getting the most votes mean you win?”

This is well written overall, but I think I’d change Trump’s last quote to be, The cheating Democrats are counting votes from people who voted. Why would they do that? SAD!”

All of Borwitz’s columns strike a chord with smart people. Of course, dumb people don’t read The New Yorker.

November 12, 2018

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