Join the Battle

Dan Pfeiffer, writing at his Crooked Media site, implores Democrats and their Super PACs to start joining the real battle for the 2020 election right now.

While more than a dozen Democrats are criss-crossing Iowa and New Hampshire talking to Democratic primary voters, Trump is already running a general election campaign. Trump can be beat in 2020, but not if he is allowed to strengthen his position in 2019.

And right now, too many Democrats and progressives are distracted by the primary or Trump’s latest tweet for our own good. If we don’t focus, and soon, Trump may get the berth he needs to bolster his standing and beat us again.

It’s a call to get into the game and start fighting. The Democratic establishment is missing moments constantly because Trump and the Republicans are able to shape the narratives constantly throughout 2019 because he’s going to be the nominee barring some unforeseen event.

The Democratic Party and allied groups need to be in general election mode every day, filling the void as our candidates campaign for themselves. We need to define him, before his campaign, his army of free spending billionaires, and his propaganda apparatus can reset the table. We cannot rely on the media to litigate the case against Trump.

When will they figure this out?

April 2, 2019

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