My Star Wars Episode IX Predictions

Star Wars has dominated my life since I was nine years old. The only other thing” that impactful was probably hearing KISS Alive! at my friend Mark’s house quite possibly that same year.

Since the sequel trilogy kicked off, I’ve been wondering how the whole saga might end. Unsurprising to no one who knows me, I have several ideas and scenes where J. J. Abrams will go with the final film in the sequel trilogy. These are not spoilers because the film doesn’t come out for several months and I’m just guessing and hoping here. These are educated assumptions. At best.

It may turn out that all my ideas are shite and J. J. has it all covered. It may also turn out that I’m going to like my ideas better than whatever Disney has conjured up. In any case, here are my tidbits and teases of what I want to see in Star Wars Episode IX (in no particular order).

  • I doubt we are going to get the title before Friday, but my three title choices are THE FINAL COMMAND, THE FIRST SKYWALKER, and REQUIEM OF THE JEDI.

  • The film opens with the Knights of Ren storming Canto Bight and killing the stableboy who we saw had Force abilities at the end of The Last Jedi solidifying this movie is going to upend the last one. It also establishes the Knights of Ren are baaaad.

  • My two Rey predictions: Rey will chase Kylo Ren to Kamino where she will learn she is a female clone derived from the DNA in Luke Skywalker’s hand lost at Cloud City. Yes, she’s a Luuke. OR We never learn anything about her parentage, they truly were nobodies, but she adopts Skywalker as a surname and prepares a generation of Force-users by naming them all Skywalkers (hence my title The First Skywalker).

  • Finn finds that he has some Force ability and joins Rey at the end of the movie and adopts the Skywalker last name.

  • We will see a rainbow of lightsaber colors

  • Lando will board the Millennium Falcon and say, I’m home” echoing Han from The Force Awakens.

  • Maz and Lando are business” associates

  • Maz was on Cloud City during the Vader/Luke lightsaber battle and found Luke’s severed hand and lightsaber, preserving both (maybe just the lightsaber).

  • Maz created Rey via the cloners of Kamino OR not.

  • Poe, Rose, and Finn together will be one of the main storylines with Rey anchoring the other one. They will converge and then will end up going off on to separate missions.

  • Rose Tico will die saving Finn.

  • Poe will say, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

  • We will see a flashback/Force-vision of Luke, Leia, and Han with young Ben Solo

  • Leia will be in hiding most of the film

  • The planet Batuu, star of the new Disney park Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, will be featured at the end which is where the major space battle will be.

  • Luke will appear to Rey as a Force ghost

  • Anakin will appear to Kylo as a Force ghost

  • I would love for a young Ben Kenobi to appear also to Kylo, but I doubt it.

  • At some point Chewie, Rey, Finn, and Poe will be flying the Falcon.

  • We will see a pretty epic fight between Kylo and the Knights of Ren

  • Someone is going to lose a limb. I’m guessing Kylo Ren early in a fight with the Knights of Ren

  • I really, really want to see Rey with a dual-bladed lightsaber, but I bet we don’t get it.

  • Kylo hires a bounty hunter to find Rey

  • Kylo visits Mustafar

  • The Knights of Ren turn on Kylo. One of them will have a double-bladed lightsaber.

  • Leia will say, I am your Mother.”

  • We see Lando’s son/daughter. Maybe… I don’t know. Better Lando’s kid then Finn’s sibling.

  • At the end, Chewbacca and Lando will leave for new adventures in the Falcon.

April 9, 2019

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