The Pandemic Isn’t Over

As the pandemic summer slowly turns into pandemic autumn, I fondly remember the six weeks when practically everyone I knew was vaccinated, restrictions were lifted, and public life started to return to some semblance of normal.

And then it all stalled because far too many people are stupider than a box of rocks.

Lockdown wasn’t a picnic for me. Working from home was a boon, but it took a pandemic to force that change. I didn’t go on sabbatical. I was never considered an essential worker, but I never stopped working.

I didn’t learn a new language or bake bread or any of that shit. I worked my job from home and then was frightened out of my mind about going out and catching this damn disease. I got the vaccine as soon as it was medically possible to get it. I can’t wait for the vaccine to get full FDA approval instead of just emergency approval so all the mandates can be implemented. If you aren’t vaccinated, now you should be.

There is no hidden meaning behind a pandemic. I didn’t learn anything from this ongoing experience other than so many people are stupider than a box of rocks and should be banned from procreating.

Perhaps I should care about my personal growth, but I was worried about other things. I admit I was most certainly one of the lucky ones who had the luxury of staying home and not losing my job, but contemplating my life or learning a new skill? I did not have time for any of that.

The idea out there is that those lucky enough to be able to shelter in place during the pandemic were supposed to be using this so-called free time to better themselves. I call bullshit.

I was working, not working on myself. There was no free time.” There were eight-plus hours of work every day where the line blurred between personal and work time. This wasn’t a year of snow days. I worked.

And guess what?

Nothing has changed.

Well, I don’t fear catching the Delta variant and dying alone in a hospital anymore. However, I still don’t want to catch this damn virus. I don’t want anyone in my family to catch this damn virus. I don’t want anyone ever to catch this damn virus. The utterly sad thing is, we could have wiped COVID-19 out with a worldwide vaccination. We have eradicated polio and other diseases through vaccinations. It should have been done here. Maybe mandates will work. I don’t know.

I still work from home. I have gone back to wearing a mask in public. My hatred for unvaccinated people knows no bounds.

It didn’t have to be this way.

More than 600,000 people have died in the US from this damn virus. People who haven’t been affected just forget. It means nothing if they themselves were not sickened, bereaved, or had their lives disrupted by the virus. I can’t imagine working in a hospital and seeing the rise in COVID patients all because they refused to get a vaccination. They didn’t believe the science then, so why do they believe the science at the hospital now?

The pandemic isn’t over. The long-term effects will probably never be over. We never learn our lessons.

How many people are going to have to die before it sinks in?

Get your free and safe vaccination.

Science! It works even if you don’t believe it.

August 20, 2021

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