Instagram and Facebook remove posts offering abortion pills

Amanda Seitz, writing for the Associated Press, has the scoop on Meta’s haphazard enforcement of it’s policies regarding abortion pills, guns, and illegal drugs.

The AP obtained a screenshot on Friday of one Instagram post from a woman who offered to purchase or forward abortion pills through the mail, minutes after the court ruled to overturn the constitutional right to an abortion.

DM me if you want to order abortion pills, but want them sent to my address instead of yours,” the post on Instagram read.

Instagram took it down within moments. Vice Media first reported on Monday that Meta, the parent of both Facebook and Instagram, was taking down posts about abortion pills.

On Monday, an AP reporter tested how the company would respond to a similar post on Facebook, writing: If you send me your address, I will mail you abortion pills.” The post was removed within one minute. The Facebook account was immediately put on a warning” status for the post, which Facebook said violated its standards on guns, animals and other regulated goods.”

Yet, when the AP reporter made the same exact post but swapped out the words abortion pills” for a gun,” the post remained untouched. A post with the same exact offer to mail weed” was also left up and not considered a violation.

Just another reason Meta is a shit company and everyone should leave Facebook and Instagram (me included).

June 27, 2022

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