Republicans in key races scrap online references to Trump, abortion

Colby Itkowitz writing in The Washington Post, outlines how Republicans in swing districts are freaking out.

At least nine Republican congressional candidates have scrubbed or amended references to Trump or abortion from their online profiles in recent months, distancing themselves from divisive subjects that some GOP strategists say are two of the biggest liabilities for the party ahead of the post-Labor Day sprint to Election Day.

The Dobbs decision has clearly energized Democratic voters to the point where they have closed the enthusiasm gap with Republicans,” said Whit Ayres, a longtime GOP pollster, referencing the Supreme Court ruling that ended the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy. Asked whether it hurts the GOP to have Trump back in the news, Ayres replied, The best case for Republican candidates in the midterms is making the upcoming election a referendum on the Biden administration.”

The Dobbs ruling has motivated many people. Republicans have no idea what to do.

It is also possible the constant stream of Donald Trump sold our national secrets” in the news is hurting the GOP as well, but who knows?

August 31, 2022

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